ISD 173, Mountain Lake Public Schools  
How to use this web site tax calculator?  
Please enter your respective County Parcel Identification Number in the yellow box below and press the Get Info button to determine the estimated property tax impact for the August 14, 2018, ISD 173 - Mountain Lake Public Schools Bond Referendum.
  Tax Calculator by Parcel - Allows User to Enter Parcel ID Number from Their Respective County  
Step 1 Find and Enter Parcel Identification Number in the Yellow Box to the Right   When entering your parcel ID number in the yellow box to the left please include DASHES if your property resides in Cottonwood County. If your property resides in Jackson or Watonwan County please include PERIODS when entering the parcel ID number. Below shows the sample format the parcel ID numbers should be entered in the yellow box for each respective County.  
      Cottonwood County: xx-xxx-xxxx  
      Jackson County:  
      Watonwan County:  
      For assistance in locating you parcel ID number please use the blue hyperlinks below. Do not cut and paste parcel ID numbers from the below links. The number must be manually entered with the dashes or periods in the format shown above for each respective County.  
      Cottonwood County*: Click here to look up parcel ID number  
      Jackson County: Click here to look up parcel ID number  
      Watonwan County: Click here to look up parcel ID number  
      *Note: Property values shown in the website link for Cottonwood County are for preliminary taxes payable in 2019 and may differ from the final taxes payable 2018 property value shown in Step "3" below in the tax impact calculator.  
Step 2 Click the Get Info Button to see Estimated Tax Impact Below    
Step 3 Calculation of Tax Impact  
  Estimated Market Value* $ 0    
  Primary Property Owner  
      Question 1 - Bond Issue  
      Estimated Tax Impact  
    Annual   $ 0.00 Tax Impact shown to the left includes reduction  
    Monthly   $ 0.00 for 40% Ag2School Tax Credit for qualifying  
      agricultural properties.  
** This tax impact analysis uses data accumulated for final taxes payable in 2018.
If the tax impact does not show after clicking on Get Info button, please verify correct entry of Parcel ID #. If you continue to have problems, please email Michael Hoheisel at or Matt Rantapaa at with your question.
Estimated Tax Impact information prepared by Robert W. Baird & Co, Inc. using Parcel ID information from Counties of Cottonwood, Jackson, and Watonwan.
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