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How to use this web site tax calculator?

Please enter the Parcel Identification Number from Lake of the Woods or Roseau County in the yellow box and press the Get Info button to determine the estimated property tax impact for the upcoming November 2, 2021 ISD 690 Operating Levy / Capital Projects Levy Referendum.

Step 1

Find and Enter Parcel Identification Number
Please enter the Parcel ID in the format for Lake of the Woods / Roseau County. If you need assistance locating your Parcel ID number, please use the following links:
Lake of the Woods County Parcel ID Format
Roseau County Parcel ID Format

Step 2

Click the Get Info Button to see Estimated Tax Impact Below

Step 3

Calculation of Tax Impact
Estimated Market Value*

$ 0

Referendum Market Value**

$ 0


PLEASE NOTE: FOR QUESTION #1: Agricultural Property beyond the dwelling value (house, garage, and 1-acre of land) is not taxed for this referendum. Lake homes/cabins (seasonal recreational property) are not taxed for this referendum unless it is your primary residence.

PLEASE NOTE: FOR QUESTION #2: All Property types will pay for this debt service levy. Each Property will be taxed based on its respective net tax capacity (NTC) multiplied by the proposed 4.788% rate.


Property Owner(s)


Question #1 Operating Levy

Question #2 Capital Projecst Levy

Question #1 +    Question #2

Increase Authority by $763.21 per Pupil

Raise a New $300K Annually

Total Tax Impact

Annual Tax Impact

$ 0.00

$ 0.00

$ 0.00

Monthly Tax Impact

$ 0.00

$ 0.00

$ 0.00

* Estimated Market Value uses the information available for Final taxes payable in 2021 for this tax impact analysis

** Referendum Market Value uses the information available for Final taxes payable in 2021 for this tax impact analysis

If the tax impact does not show after clicking on Get Info button, please verify correct entry of Parcel ID #. If you continue to have problems, please email Michael Hoheisel at or Matt Rantapaa at with your question(s).

Estimated Tax Impact information prepared by Robert W. Baird & Co, Inc. using Parcel ID information from Lake of the Woods and Roseau County

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